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    Foot pressure analysis

    For evaluation and rehabilitation. Digital foot pressure analysis is a modern and technologically advanced recording system. It  studies the  pressures and forces exerted on the plantar surface of the foot edge from the underlying body weight during stance and gait.
    It consists of a special deck, platform and a PC programme.




Foot Comfort is a Greek company  founded in 2005 and based in Corfu  offering the Greek market   foot pressure analysis system,  foot scanners και orthotic insoles. Foot pressure analysis is a method of diagnosis, prevention and treatment in lower limb diseases as well as  musculoskeletal system disorders. The insoles are designed and constructed with the help of a computer system with cad-cam.

Thanks to modern technology, with a simple electronic measuring (system), Foot comfort   manufactures personal orthotics insoles. Foot Comfort insoles  are an ideal solution for every foot problem enhancing efficiency throughout the body. The materials used are of superior quality lined with leather. The insoles  have antimicrobial and anti-vibration properties. The orthotic foot we build is slim and fits easily into any type of shoe. The soles are approved by E.O.F and are signed by CE.